Let Us Sell Your Boat – Here’s Why

Planning to Sell Your Boat? We welcome the opportunity to represent you in the sale of your quality yacht.

Listing Services.

If you are interested in listing your boat with our company, here is the basic information you will need to know:

  1. We are always interested in listing good quality vessels.
  2. We encourage the owner to provide as much information as possible when listing the boat. The more we know about the condition, care and maintenance history of the boat, the better we can inform the buyers. From our experience, an informed buyer is a confident buyer…which makes it all the easier to promote and sell your property!
  3. Knowing the realistic market value of the boat will help to expedite the sale. We can help you determine the proper asking price by referring to the Sold Boats Database and examining the overall condition of the boat, both cosmetically and mechanically.
  4. We begin processing the marketing of your boat as soon as you sign a listing agreement with us. This includes a full specification listing on 2 highly visited web sites, Yachtworld.com and Boats.com, providing immediate exposure to thousands of internet browsers.
  5. We dispatch “Special Bulletins” of selected inventory with automatic e-mail “Broker Alert” Memos to other industry brokers.
  6. We add your boat onto the next lay-out page for all of our magazine publications such as: California Yachts, Sea Magazine, and Yachts for Sale
  7. We attach a “Offered by The Art Brooks Sea Co.” sign to the boat for Marina exposure.
  8. And last but not least, we contact our extensive clientele base in the event any customers may have an interest in the specific style or general type of boat you are offering for sale.

Types of Listings:

  1. EXCLUSIVE: You decide to list the boat exclusively with our company. Exclusive clients are provided additional as well as feature marketing and promotional efforts to sell their boat. This boat is still offered for sale through a cooperative effort with other brokers on a MLS Network, but they must work through The At Brooks Sea Company for access to the vessel. For this we receive a full commission even if you sell the boat yourself. Exclusive listings are generally entered into all the web sites and publications.
  2. Open: You may list the boat with one or more brokers and also market and (possibly) sell the boat yourself. If the owner sells the boat directly to a buyer (not originally connected with a broker, the owner pays no fee). On the other hand, any broker that sells the boat will be paid a fee. Fee arrangements may also be shared between brokers, depending on who has the open listing.

DEFINITION: Co-op Agreement: When a listing and a selling broker split the commission.

Questions and Answers

Who pays the commission?:

Answer: The seller.

Who pays the closing costs such as haul-outs, hull surveys, engine surveys and documentation?

Answer: Generally, the buyer pays those costs.

What about property taxes?:

Answer: When a buyer purchases your boat, they are normally billed for the balance of the year’s taxes (prorated) and the amount due is paid at the closing to the seller.

What is the amount of commission paid to a broker to sell my boat?:

Answer: The commission in the industry is 10% of the selling price and it is paid from the proceeds of the sale or by the seller.

What do I need to do to list my boat?

Answer: Contact our office, tell us you want to sell your boat and we will take it from there…it’s that simple!

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